ETA Delta Chapter - College of New Jersey and Rider University

Trenton Alumni governs one (1) collegiate Chapter, Eta Delta, which is currently constituted with students from the campuses of the College of New Jersey and Rider University. The chapter’s support efforts are designed to be consistent with the Chapter’s 2014 Goals & Objectives, and in particular that objective focused on our collegians that reads:
  • Collegians (Enhance relationship with Eta Delta Chapter) – Develop mentoring program for chapter officers. Invite and support undergrads involvement with local and region activities.
  • TAC’s collegiate support efforts are broken down into key components:

  • Leadership Development. Our approach can be summed up as “each one, teach one”. TAC officers pair up with their Undergraduate counterparts to ensure that our collegiates gain the benefit of not only the experience of an older Brother, but his support. An excellent example of this is during TAC meetings, the Eta Delta Polemarch is allowed to chair the meeting during the portion of the agenda devoted to Undergraduate activities. This partnership seeks to instill confidence in our young leaders, reinforce the necessity for our older Brothers to support our Undergraduates via the display of mutual respect, and provide vital experience to our Undergraduates on how to conduct business commensurate with the standards of Kappa.
  • Collegiate Mentor-ship. Alumni Brothers are paired with Undergraduates pursuing professional interests in their respective field of endeavor. This program seeks to provide our Undergraduates not only support but insight into success factors for professional development, and in particular offer access to relationship networks (as appropriate) which we all know is critical.
  • Collegiate participation in Alumni Chapter activities, with particular emphasis on Guide Right and Community Service. Undergraduate participation is considered in planning EVERY activity, program and event that TAC undertakes. As was mentioned in the budget section of this petition, TAC Brothers frequently sponsor Undergraduate participation in Alumni events. We strive to make our young Brothers feel not only welcome, but valued participants in everything we do.