Trenton Alumni Chapter – Chartered April 5, 1949

History was made in the annals of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity on the warm and pleasant evening of April 6, 1949. It was on this evening the Trenton Alumni Chapter Charter was officially presented. The site of this historic occasion was the Carver Branch Y.M.C.A located on Fowler Street in Trenton, New Jersey.

In the preceding months the determined Brothers of the Trenton area attended a Province Council Meeting and met as an unchartered chapter on a monthly basis. During this same period the Brothers petitioned the Grand Chapter for approval to establish the Trenton Alumni Chapter. Among those dedicated Brothers who realized their dream as charter members were Calvin Anderson*, James A. Floyd, Samuel J. Floyd, Carl Leftwich*, Frank Murray*, Richard W. Nevius*, Arthur T. Shack* and Howard B. Waxwood, Jr*. Also in attendance was Brother William Howard, who worked diligently with the Brothers of Trenton in their quest for a chapter.

Brother Enos S. Andrews, Polemarch for the Northeastern Province, was in attendance and assisted in the official granting of the chapter. Brother I. Theodore Donaldson, a member of the Grand Board of Directors, represented the Grand Chapter and also assisted in the conferring of the chapter.

The Brothers of Trenton Alumni were also honored by the presence of six Brothers from Philadelphia Alumni, who accompanied Brother Andrews to the charter presentation and the joyous occasion.

A group of determined and dedicated Brothers, eight in number and small by comparison, had received their reward. Trenton Alumni Chapter became a reality.

A date to remember, April 5, 1949
Trenton Alumni Charter Members
Calvin Anderson* James A. Floyd Samuel J. Floyd Carl Leftwich Frank Murray Richard W. Nevius Arthur T. Shack Howard B. Waxwood Jr.
* Chapter Invisible