The Trenton Alumni Chapter is blessed to have fourteen (14) past Polemarchs active in the chapter, two of which are charter members. Collectively, these Brothers have over five hundred years of membership in our Grand Fraternity. They serve as anchors for the chapter ensuring that we never drift from the principles, values, goals and objectives of the Fraternity. Furthermore, their guidance has made TAC the leading Greek letter organization in the Mercer County region.

The past Polemarchs support the growth and development of the presiding Polemarch by sharing their wisdom, experience and lending their leadership when called upon. We recently convened a Past Polemarch Council which is comprised of all (14) past Polemarchs who are fully engaged with providing insight to committee chairmen and serving on various committees.

One of the defining characteristics for a successful chapter is that past Polemarchs remain active and vibrant members. TAC has accomplished this immensely. We have never felt that the past Polemarch’s stifle current leadership, growth and development rather; We find them to be helpful, caring and concerned with our personal and professional leadership development. They are integral part of TAC’s success.